Pocket Soccer 2018 is a funny and simple soccer game.

TIME LIMIT PROMOTION !! Please note that this is the full version ( and without ads )  of the game also released for Android and available on Google Play (see link below).


  • use the mouse form menù and options
  • attack: click on the screen to make your player going zig zag
  • defence: click on the screen to make your players going zig zag
  • note:  you can use also every keyboard key to zig zag


Coach strategy means that you should go in the suggested direction between the last line of opponents players. Doing this the coach will be happy and if you have an locked powerup it will be available again.

Main features are:

- Fast and not boring matches.
- Only one minute time gameplay.
- Two game modes, single match or tournament.
- 16 teams full tournament with final match and 3° & 4° place.
- Other teams matches simulations.
- An animated graph displays tournament status.
- Direct elimination matches with eventually knockouts.
- Fianl podium for glorify your litle champions.

The game look:

- Minimal graphic design.
- Customizable teams uniforms colors.
- Customizable teams names.
- Customizable play field color.
- Skin and hair colors are random.
- Funny special effects.
- Great sound effects with stadium choirs.

The game phasis:

- Tre main game phasis: Attack, Shoot, Defence.
- In game powerups.
- Powerups needs to be unlocked and activated before the match start.
- Powerups can be activated only one time.
- If you listen to the coach you can retrieve further powerups.

How to play:

- Very simple control system with a single mouse click.
- Zig Zag style attack running.
- You can shoot only when you are in penalty area.
- Your shoot will go next the arrow behind your opponent goalkeeper.
- During defence, your (two line) players will move in opposite directions.
- Your goalkeeper will move accordingly to your defence players.

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Made withGodot
Tagscalcio, Football, minigames, Minimalist, powerups, Soccer, tournament
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Italian
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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